Dubai’s Department of Tourism and Commerce Marketing was hailed as the World’s Leading Business Travel Destination 2019 as well as ‘World’s Leading MICE Destination 2019” which sums awarded second consecutive year, 2018 and 2019 and with the previous awards received by DTCM, Dubai has proven once again how firm they are when it comes to business event sector.

Last 11 July, Dubai held the momentous and successful event at  Dubai World Trade Center with its first live interactive business event after the pandemic outbreak. The event was called Ai Everything x Restart Dubai Summer Conference and tackles about the vital effect of ArtificiaI Intelligence on the UAE’s pandemic recovery.

So this conference is a testament that Dubai is agile, that Dubai is always trying to re-invent itself, and to ensure that we can give our customers whatever they’ve used to across the different situations”, said the UAE Minister of State for Artificial Intelligence, Digital Economies and Remote Working Applications, H.E. Omar Sultan AlOlama.

In addition, “No one has held a conference in a pandemic before, but with the right measures that are taken in place, we’re able to go back life as normal , we’re able to enjoy the socializing and the knowledge sharing and the activities that we have right now” said by Ms. Trixie LohMirmand, Executive Vice President, Event Management of Dubai World Trade Center.

Why visit Dubai for MICE?
We have listed top 5 reasons why coming to Dubai is the best decision a businessman must consider.

1. Business meets leisure.  

Known as the city of superlatives, Dubai has lots of attraction to offer. From its marvelous sightseeing tours to its cultural and local heritage along with its spectacular architecture. Dubai is also known as city of luxury shopping.

2. Hotel Accommodations

Dubai offers different categories of hotel accommodation. Several hotels are located per area and it will be depending on guest’s preference if he wanted to stay near the shopping area, close to the beach or nearby nightlife neighborhood.

3. Architecture

The modern Architecture of Dubai makes the city exceptional amongst other architectural wonders of the world. The tallest building in the World, Burj Khalifa, 7* hotel- Burj Al Arab, Cayan Tower- Building with a Twist are some of the great architecture located in Dubai. This shows how massive the growth of the economy of Dubai is.

4. Gastronomy

If you are a food-lover and have the huge interest on variety of dishes, then Dubai is the perfect place for you. Dubai Restaurants doesn’t only offers traditional dishes but as well as the cuisines in different parts around the world. Here’s the tip: Don’t miss trying their traditional dish before you leave the city such as Khuzi, made of roasted lamb served on top of a bed of rice with vegetables and nuts.

5. Safety and Security

With the COVID-19 outbreak, UAE increased it’s level of security by implementing strict guidelines and measures for the safety of tourists and immigrants of the country. In fact, UAE has an incredibly low crime rate due to the laws imposed in the country as well.

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